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The accreditation process assures that facilitators are capable of producing high quality investment logic maps.

Accredited facilitator process

The following people have been granted accreditation by the Department of Treasury and Finance to facilitate the discussions of the Investment Management Standard.

These are divided into two groups - those working for the public service and external consultants.

Please note that staff seeking to engage an accredited facilitator should contact referees from previous facilitations conducted under the Investment Management Standard.

The process of becoming an accredited facilitator aims to test a person's understanding of the theory behind the standard and the way they apply it as a facilitator. Further information can be found at Investment management facilitator training and accreditation.


For any changes or amendments to this page please email investmentmanagement@dtf.vic.gov.au

Public service facilitators

In this group there is general agreement to leverage their skills by working across government as circumstances permit.

Department of Health and Human Services Timothy Ore, Victoria, Australia 
Department of Premier and Cabinet Wendy Wade, Victoria, Australia
Department of Premier and Cabinet Katrina Touzeau, Victoria, Australia
Sustainability Victoria Sandra Gleeson, Victoria, Australia


The costs for consultants to facilitate discussions are detailed in their profiles below.

Structured Conversations, Wellington, New Zealand 
Arup, Victoria, Australia
Independent consultant
Policy Performance, Victoria, Australia
Agenda Group, Victoria, Australia
Cloudstreet Economics, Victoria, Australia
Stephen Consulting, Wellington, New Zealand
Farrago, Victoria, Australia
Biruu, Victoria, Australia
Auxilium, Queenstown, New Zealand
S.I.P Management Consultants, Victoria, Australia
Ideas Advisory
Optias, Victoria, Australia
Smart Logic Mapping, Victoria, Australia
Caravel Group, Wellington, New Zealand
Business Case Solutions, Victoria,  Australia
Tregaskis Brown, Wellington, New Zealand
Kerry Boyle, Consultant, New  Zealand
Deloitte, Wellington, New Zealand
Tregaskis Brown, Wellington, New Zealand
Independent consultant
Mark Keith Consulting, Wellington, New Zealand
Arup, Victoria, Australia
Beca, Wellington, New Zealand
Nicole Litjens, Consultant,  Victoria, Australia
CPT Global, Victoria, Australia
SPP, Victoria, Australia
Fankhauser and Associates, Victoria, Australia
Independent Contractor, Victoria, Australia
Davies Howard Group Ltd, Wellington, New Zealand
Tregaskis Brown, Wellington, New Zealand
Hunter Group,  Wellington, New Zealand
Tiffany Burton, Adelaide, SA, Australia
RuKuS Consulting, Queensland, Australia
GHD, Victoria, Australia
Cube Group, Victoria, Australia
Boltcon, Victoria, Australia
Graham Spargo Partnerships Ltd, Wellington, New Zealand

Investor feedback form

How effective was the facilitator? Their capabilities are key to having an intelligent facilitated discussion at a problem definition workshop. Use this form to provide feedback.


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